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About Anchored Media Studios


Meet Tatum & Lanesia

Welcome to Anchored Media Studios, where creativity finds its perfect space to thrive! Founded by the dynamic duo of Tatum Ayomike and Lanesia Washington, our black, woman, and family-owned business is a testament to a decade of entrepreneurial excellence and a passion for meaningful content creation. Tatum, a seasoned online content creator and top podcast host, recognized the gap in the creator studio space—beautiful locations abound, but where are the tangible solutions for creators' success beyond audio and visuals?

With Tatum as the visionary, Anchored Media Studios emerged as a comprehensive answer. Understanding firsthand how impactful content can unlock wealth and opportunities, Tatum has shaped our mission to bridge the gap in the creator economy. Shockingly, 46% of full-time creators make less than $1,000 annually, yet the global creator economy is valued at $104.2 billion. We're here to provide more than just space; we offer solutions.

Enter Lanesia Washington, the creative force behind our studio's design. Meticulously crafting each room and detail, she ensures Anchored Media Studios is not only a welcoming and comfortable environment but also a blank canvas for individuals to bring their ideas to life. Traditional coworking spaces often miss the mark, fostering a chaotic atmosphere that hinders optimal work. At Anchored Media Studios, we redefine the coworking experience, providing not only a space but opportunities and resources for success.

Tatum and Lanesia turned this vision into reality by combining Tatum's entrepreneurial spirit with her aunt's expertise as a real estate investor and interior designer. Together, they've built Anchored Media Studios as a haven where creators can not only work but thrive. Join us in our mission to empower creators and redefine the standard for creative spaces. Welcome to a place where ideas take flight and possibilities are limitless!


We'd love to meet you and show you the possibilities

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